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Max Avery Lichtenstein
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MAX AVERY LICHTENSTEIN is a film composer, record producer and songwriter. His scores can be heard in films such as Tarnation, The King, Jesus' Son, the Oscar®-nominated Mondays at Racine, and many more. He's co-produced records with bands such as Mercury Rev, Hopewell, The Silent League, and Timesbold. Max records his own songs under the name Camphor.
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CAMPHOR is a project helmed by indie film composer Max Avery Lichtenstein (Tarnation, Jesus’ Son, The King). Max pulled in friends and collaborators from the bands Mercury Rev, Beirut, Stars Like Fleas, Bright Eyes, Hopewell, The Silent League and Timesbold (of which he is also a member) to produce and perform the debut album Drawn to Dust, a delicately crafted and gracefully orchestrated chamber pop opus highlighted by Max's captivating voice and evocative lyrics.

Drawn to Dust received great acclaim when it was released in April 2008 on Friendly Fire Records. To accompany the release, Max produced a unique music video for the record’s first single “Castaway”… a cinematic retelling of the classic siren myth as performed by a cast of PLAYMOBIL® characters. The video caught the eye of Pitchfork Media who premiered the clip on their Forkcast, and it has subsequently been featured on many of the most prominent music bogs and online magazines (including Spin, PopMatters, Detour and Better Propaganda).

A new project is in production for a late 2015 release.
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Brooklyn-based group HOPEWELL has been at the forefront of the NYC rock scene since the late 90's... catch up with their latest exploits at
The Silent League
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Orchestral pop band THE SILENT LEAGUE originated as the solo identity of singer Justin Russo in the late nineties. While a keyboardist with Mercury Rev in support of the critically acclaimed albums "Deserter's Songs" (V2) and "All Is Dream" (V2), Russo secretly stole each available moment in a busy tour schedule to write and record his own fragile and epic LP, "The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused".

The resulting debut record - hailed as "a masterful blend of sepia-toned chamber pop and sunny-sinister piano balladry" (Bang Magazine), "stellar"and "heavenly" by the Village Voice - features performances from, among others, Sam Fogarino (Interpol) and Sean 'Grasshopper' Mackowiack (Mercury Rev). Blending glockenspiels and trumpets, howling guitar drones and gentle piano, the live incarnation, a dense and boisterous chamber pop ensemble, is quickly becoming NYC's most whispered about 'conversion experience'.

The group skillfully melds '70s-era piano balladry and a sense of offbeat childlike vulnerability with the heavily arranged and darker elements of Russo's former band.
Jesse Sparhawk
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JESSE SPARHAWK is a multi-instrumentalist and composer whose instruments include, but are not limited to: harp, guitar, bass, and mandolin. He has toured nationally and internationally as accompanist and band member with Greg Weeks (of Espers), Timesbold, Fern Knight, Marissa Nadler, and as a solo artist.
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TIMESBOLD pairs vivid, cunning lyrics with music that skillfully balances the rickety with the rich and the raucous with the ruminative. Lead-vocalist/lyricist Jason Merritt (a.k.a. Whip) and multi-instrumentalists Tony San Marco, Tony "Levon" Leva, Ryan Smith, Jesse Sparhawk and Max Avery Lichtenstein conjure up a compelling atmosphere of tone, texture, melody and noise. They draw from a palette of instruments that includes mellotron, mandolin, harmonium, horns, banjo, vibraphones, concert harp, bowed saw, lo-fi electronics, old vinyl and much more...
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WHIP is Jason Merritt, who was born kicking and screaming in Hopewell Junction, New York... a town of more junk and shunning than hope and wellness.

Later, the kicking became running and the screaming stayed screaming.

Later still, the running became sitting and screaming became writing.

Left to his own devices, he performs songs under the name Whip. However, when fate and muse intervene, he performs with the group Timesbold.

He is good at listening and stealing.

He has no hobbies.